Welcome to the dynamic and inspiring prototyping space at Queerlective's Co-Lab, where innovation knows no bounds. This dedicated area is a haven for makers, designers, and inventors, providing a range of cutting-edge tools and equipment to bring ideas to fruition. From the precision of CNC laser cutters and engravers to the versatility of FDM and color 3D printers, this space is a playground for exploring the endless possibilities of prototyping.

Immerse yourself in the world of digital fabrication with our high-powered CNC laser cutters. Whether you're engraving intricate designs or precisely cutting a variety of materials, these machines offer unparalleled precision and speed. With work envelopes ranging from 20" x 12" to an impressive 47" x 35", your creativity can roam freely.

Step into the realm of three-dimensional creation with our array of 3D printers. From the Lulzbot Mini and Makerbot Replicator 2 for reliable FDM printing, to the Mcor Iris and ZCorp ZPrinter 450 for vibrant and detailed color 3D printing, you have the tools to transform digital models into tangible objects. The Prusa i3 mk3 and ROBO 3D R1+ provide additional options for FDM printing, ensuring that your designs come to life with precision and accuracy.

For those seeking the capabilities of a CNC mill, the Roland MDX-15 desktop CNC mill offers a compact and versatile solution. From intricate carvings to precise cuts, this machine opens up a world of possibilities for precise prototyping.

At Queerlective's Co-Lab, we understand that prototyping is the bridge between imagination and reality. That's why our prototyping space is designed to foster creativity, experimentation, and innovation. Whether you're an artist, engineer, or entrepreneur, this space provides the tools, resources, and support to turn your visions into tangible prototypes that will shape the future. Unleash your creativity, push boundaries, and bring your ideas to life in the dynamic prototyping space of Queerlective's Co-Lab.

  • CAD design Computer w/Solidworks, Fusion 360, Simplify 3D

  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Inkscape

  • 3D Printers Form 3B (2) Form 2, Ender 5 Pro, Prusa

  • Laser Cutter - Epilog Zing 30W with rotary attachment

  • Vinyl Cutter

  • CNC Router

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