New Hampshire Charitable Fund Seeks Panelists for the Racial Justice Fund

Check out the call for panelists below!

The call for a diverse panel to shape the work of the newly established Racial Justice Fund by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is a pivotal step toward fostering equity within our community. The fund's commitment to a just and vibrant New Hampshire aligns with Queerlective's values, and we recognize the vital importance of inclusive representation in initiatives like this.

Diverse perspectives are essential for dismantling systemic inequalities. This fund aims to address the barriers faced by marginalized individuals based on race, gender identity, geography, and other factors. By inviting community members to design the fund's strategy, approach, and decision-making process, the Foundation is fostering an environment where lived experiences inform change-making.

Queerlective supports initiatives like the Racial Justice Fund as it resonates with our mission to create inclusive spaces. We understand that true change is only possible when all voices are heard and represented. We encourage community members committed to racial justice in New Hampshire to join this effort, contributing their unique insights to shape a more equitable and just future. Deadline to apply is August 25th! Together, through initiatives like this fund, we can work towards building a community that thrives on diversity and unity.

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