Queerlective seeks to create and promote inclusive environments for the queer, BIPOC and underserved communities with a focus on utilizing art for personal and community growth.


Queerlective aims to be an organization by the community for the community. We ensure that the work we do is to directly uplift the diverse creative economy of Manchester. Through using art to bring together and celebrate the community, we feel we can build stronger connections throughout New Hampshire.


  • Diverse, Inclusive Creative Community: Queerlectives realizes that the power of art comes from the diverse and disparate stories and narratives that can be told through it. Queerlective works to provide and promote opportunites for artists of marginalized communities to celebrate and connect through their work and through the celebration of art itself. Queerlective seeks to add representation in art for queer, BIPOC and other underserved communities.
  • Equitable Distribution of Community Resources: Equitable distribution of community resources and the information on how to use such resources is critical in providing advancement opportunities for marginalized communities. Queerlective works to demystify the process of using public resources for community building and celebrating in order to build stronger community connections.
  • Community Building and Engagement: Queerlective values the power of art in connecting communities. Public and engaging art pieces spark conversation and connection throughout communities. By providing opportunities for communities to connect through art, Queerlective believes New Hampshire can build a stronger creative community and economy.
  • Partnership: Partnership and collaboration with both the community and fellow organizations is critical in engaging diverse groups and providing inclusive environments. Queerlective is happy to partner with a number of local organizations to bring more diverse, equitable and engaging gathering opportunities through New Hampshire.


Queerlective was founded by 3 queer creatives in the summer of 2022. The team saw a need in the community for consistent and engaging gatherings throughout the year for the diverse community in New Hampshire. Queerlective has always believed in the power of art to engage and enliven communities. Utilizing this powerful tool to bring communities together is at the core of Queerlective's vision.

Community reception to Queerlective's formation was overwhelming showing the want and need for more diverse community based celebrations. Initial events for Queerlective involved supporting other art gatherings throughout New Hampshire. This included helping organize a mural festival in Manchester that worked with community organizations to bring 3 new murals to downtown Manchester. The team has also helped organize the previous years pride celebration in Manchester.

Today, Queerlective continues to support the community in bigger and better ways than before. By closely working with the community and partner organizations, Queerlective is able to respond to community needs and provide opportunities for more impactful gatherings.