Queer Art Extravaganza at Manchester Pride 2023!

Queer Art Extravaganza at Manchester Pride 2023!

The Queer Art Extravaganza at Manchester Pride promises to be a fun and vibrant space where attendees can immerse themselves in a diverse range of artistic expressions. With a colorful and engaging atmosphere, the Queer Art Extravaganza invites everyone to explore and celebrate the many facets of the LGBTQ+ art community.

Visitors will be greeted by a wide array of art displays, from interactive pieces and installations to a variety of handmade pieces. Every artist and creator at pride will bring their unique perspective and style, showing the diversity of New Hampshire's creative community. This gathering will place an emphasis on meaningful engagements and we know attendees will leave with connections to local artists after learning about their inspirations and techniques.

A variety of interactive workshops and demonstrations will be found throughout the festival. These workshops will range from a live screen printing demonstration from NH Panthers to a hand painted photo booth designed by local artist, Boston Elements. Queerlective will also be bringing our iconic unicorn murals, and may even have another whimsical piece by event day.

The team is working to bring together the most diverse lineup of performers we have seen over the past couple of years of pride featuring musicians, the NH Gay Men's Choir, spoken word artists, drag queens and more! The performers will bring their unique flair and energy showcasing the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community.

The Queer Art Extravaganza at Manchester Pride 2023 promises to be a fun part of the Pride festival, providing an inclusive space where attendees can celebrate and embrace the many forms of artistic expression and diversity within the LGBTQ+ community. It's a place where everyone is welcome and where attendees can leave feeling inspired, empowered and engaged. 

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