Unveiling the BIPOC Artist Exchange and Activation Grant

Unveiling the BIPOC Artist Exchange and Activation Grant
We're thrilled to introduce a new initiative designed to uplift and empower BIPOC artists from across New England: the BIPOC Artist Exchange and Activation Grant. At Queerlective, we believe that art knows no boundaries, and creativity thrives when diverse voices come together. That's why we've created this grant program, providing BIPOC artists with the opportunity to participate in art programming in New Hampshire and share their invaluable contributions with our community. Applications will open for this initiative January 31st 2024. 

Empowering Artists, Inspiring Change

Our grant aims to break down barriers, making it easier for BIPOC artists to engage with New Hampshire's vibrant art scene. We offer up to $300 to cover travel expenses, registration fee and an hourly stipend for both the artist and their assistant during the event, fostering a supportive environment for artists to share their work. But it's more than just financial support; it's about celebrating the rich tapestry of artistic expression found within BIPOC communities.

Who Can Apply?

The BIPOC Artist Exchange and Activation Grant is open to anyone who identifies as BIPOC and resides in New England. Whether you're a painter, sculptor, musician, poet, or any form of creative, we welcome your application. To ensure we can calculate compensation for travel, we'll ask for proof of your home location. And here's the exciting part: there's no restriction on the type of event you can participate in. As long as you're sharing your art with the New Hampshire community, you're eligible!

How It Works

Our grant covers travel costs using the IRS standard mileage rate and compensates artists at the average nonprofit pay rate of $20 per hour for the event's duration. The maximum grant amount is $300, offering you flexibility and support to make your artistic journey a reality. To apply, fill out our straightforward application form with details about your home city, event location, estimated travel, hours, and event information. After the event, we'll require proof of attendance to process your reimbursement.

Apply Today and Elevate Your Art

Queerlective's BIPOC Artist Exchange and Activation Grant is more than just financial assistance—it's a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the power of art to drive positive change. If you're a BIPOC artist in New England ready to share your work with the New Hampshire community, we invite you to apply today. Together, let's inspire, empower, and create art that transcends boundaries and unites us all.
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