Nonprofits 101: An Introduction to Board Roles Workshop

Nonprofits 101: An Introduction to Board Roles Workshop

Hosted by Erin Allgood of Allgood Strategies and Queerlective


Queerlective, in collaboration with Allgood Strategies, invites you to our upcoming workshop as part of the Queerlective Community and Board Education Initiative. This insightful event is designed to empower and educate individuals interested in nonprofit board leadership, emphasizing diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility.

Workshop Overview:

- Date & Time: March 5th, 2023, from 6PM to 8PM

- Location: Online via Zoom

- Registration Link:

Fee: Free (Suggested Donation: $20)

What You'll Learn:

- Fundamentals of Board Roles: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic requirements, roles, and responsibilities of nonprofit board members.

- Applying Your Unique Skills: Learn how your personal skills and expertise can be effectively utilized in a board leadership role.

- Navigating Organizational Dynamics: Explore strategies to navigate organizational dynamics using a justice framework, reimagining traditional board structures.

Part of Queerlective's Board and Community Education Initiative:

This workshop aligns with the "Queerlective Community and Board Education Initiative," which focuses on:

- Community Empowerment: Empowering individuals for board roles, especially those who haven't previously seen themselves in such positions.

- Fostering Inclusivity: Creating inclusive spaces for learning and dialogue to bridge gaps among diverse community members.

- Skill Development: Equipping participants with essential skills in board governance and nonprofit operation, along with an understanding of innovative concepts like the Solidarity Economy and Social Change Ecosystem Map.

Join Us For This Enlightening Experience

This workshop is an opportunity not just to learn but to be part of a transformative journey within the community organizing sector. It's ideal for anyone looking to make a meaningful contribution to their community through nonprofit board service, especially those interested in inclusive and equitable leadership practices.

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