Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention

Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention
Welcome to "Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention" Workshop

Date/Time: May 15th, 2024 | 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST
Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting


About the Workshop:

Join us for a life-changing virtual workshop, "Talk Saves Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention," presented by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). This introductory session offers participants a comprehensive overview of suicide - a leading cause of death, enriched with the latest research on suicide prevention and actionable steps everyone can take within their communities to save lives.

Workshop Highlights:

- Understanding Suicide: Gain a broad perspective on the magnitude of suicide in the U.S. and globally.
- Insights from Research: Delve into the latest findings on what drives individuals toward suicide, including various risk factors like health, historical, and environmental influences.
- Strategies for Prevention: Learn about protective factors that can mitigate suicide risk and explore effective self-care and mental health management techniques.
- Taking Action: Identify the warning signs and behaviors indicative of a suicidal crisis and understand how to offer help effectively.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in understanding more about suicide prevention, including community members, educators, healthcare professionals, and those who wish to support others in their lives. It’s an essential session for individuals seeking to make a difference in the realm of mental health and suicide prevention.

Register Now:

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a compassionate community learning to combat suicide through education and awareness. Your participation could save a life.


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Join us as we explore how knowledge, awareness, and action can transform lives. Together, we can create a safer, more supportive world for everyone.
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