Machine Shop

Step into the precision-driven world of the machine shop at Queerlective's Co-Lab, where cutting-edge equipment and skilled artisans converge to bring your machining dreams to life. Our well-equipped space boasts an array of tools including a CNC milling vise, clamps, and more to ensure meticulous and accurate results. With drill presses at your disposal, you can effortlessly drill, bore, and tap with precision. The Enco 9x20 lathe offers versatility for turning, facing, and threading, while the JET 13x40 2HP manual lathe with a 5C collet closer allows for intricate and detailed work. For more complex milling projects, the MSC 3HP manual knee mill, a Bridgeport clone, is at your service. The Sieg X2 variable speed 3 Axis Mini Mill/Drill rounds out our collection, providing a compact yet powerful solution. Whether you're a seasoned machinist or a curious beginner, our machine shop will inspire and empower you to bring your mechanical visions to life with precision and finesse.
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