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Color me Queer(lective) coloring book

Color me Queer(lective) coloring book

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Introducing "Color Me Queer(lective!)" – a vibrant celebration of local queer art in the form of a community coloring book! Queerlective is proud to have paid over 30 talented artists to participate in this project, ensuring their valuable contributions are recognized and celebrated.

This coloring book measures 8.5" by 11", making it perfect for both children and adults to explore their creativity. With 34 coloring pages showcasing a wide range of artistic styles and themes, you'll get to see the diverse ways of self expression our community has to offer. 

"Color Me Queer(lective!)" goes beyond just coloring – it is a symbol of inclusivity, self-expression, and the power of community. We've included a couple of pages dedicated to important resources for queer youth, ensuring that this coloring book serves as a valuable tool for education and support.

 Each page is a testament to the creativity and resilience of queer artists, and through your coloring, you become a collaborator in this collective celebration. Make sure you share your colored pages to social media and tag us and the artist!

By purchasing "Color Me Queer(lective!)," you are directly supporting the queer art community and contributing to the ongoing work of Queerlective in fostering inclusive environments through art.


Atlas Wooster

Andrew Freshour

April Landry

Arielle Peterson


Christine Hoffman

Dani Schmidt

Elizabeth Robertson

Emily Deechaleune

Emily Merrill

Fallon Rae

Haley Searcy

hannah Rowell-Jore

Haydyn Atwood

Jason Deyoung


Lindsay Middleton


Marg Pangburn

Michelle Mullet
Mina Santiago

Mitty Magoo (aka: Natalie Lessard)

Monty Zwickerhill

Nate Puppets

Nick Alexander

Nico Figueroa


Randall Nielsen

Sam Paolini

Tamara Morris

tiara reverdes

Ashley Johnson

Creative placemaking interns at kimball jenkins

Pam King Via Queerlective