Color Me Queer(lective!): A colorful collaboration with queer New England Artists

Color Me Queer(lective!): A colorful collaboration with queer New England Artists

Founded with a goal to connect artists to the community in unique and exciting ways, Queerlective has recently embarked on a fun and novel project. Through the collaboration of over 30 local queer artists and with the support of passionate community members like Pam King and our partner organization Kimball Jenkins, we are preparing to unveil a vibrant coloring book that promises to celebrate the diverse creative community here in New Hampshire. 

One of the biggest goals of Queerlective is to provide fun opportunities to showcase the talents of local artists. By providing a platform for these artists to share their work, Queerlective empowers the queer community and amplifies diverse voices. The coloring book, a result of this collaboration, serves as a celebration of the artistic diversity present in and around New Hampshire. Each page within the book represents a unique piece of art from a talented local queer artist, making it a true testament to the vibrant and flourishing artistic scene in the region.

Pam King, a passionate community member and supporter of the arts, played an instrumental role in making this coloring book project a reality. King's generous contribution not only highlights her belief in the power of art to bring people together but also demonstrates her commitment to fostering a sense of belonging within the community. Such collaboration between individuals and organizations is vital for the growth and sustenance of community-based initiatives like Queerlective.

Queerlective's partnership with Kimball Jenkins, a well-respected local organization known for its dedication to arts education and community engagement, further enhances the impact of this project. Together, we have created an opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts to come together and celebrate the beauty of self-expression. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and the collective effort required to bring innovative and meaningful projects to life.

The Queerlective team, along with the local queer artists involved, are eagerly awaiting the release of this project, anticipated for June 17 at the Queer Art Extravaganza at Manchester Pride this year. This coloring book will not only serve as a source of artistic inspiration but also as a tangible memento of the collective spirit and creative talent that thrives within the local queer community.

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