Queerlective was at Concord Market Days!

Queerlective was at Concord Market Days!

Last weekend, Queerlective had the incredible opportunity to participate in Concord Market Days, one of the largest markets in New Hampshire. We were grateful to have our space generously donated by Shaheen & Gordon, a law firm that shares our passion for supporting local artists. This allowed us to invite over 10 talented artists who might not have otherwise had the chance to showcase their work at such a large-scale event. Thank you to the Concord Chamber for helping facilitate this partnership with Shaheen & Gordon!


Some of the artists that joined us included Kayla and Sara of Rossmiller Crochet, two crochet artists whose pieces caught the eye of numerous attendees. It was astonishing to discover that this was their first time selling their work, considering their craftsmanship and how popular their pieces were. They have been honing their crochet skills since one of them was just 7 years old, and so it was really fun to help them showcase at an event like this for the first time. 

Ann Kinne also joined us for the event. Going by The Margravex, Ann is a nonbinary artist who creates stunning minimalist pieces using reclaimed materials like found wood and typewriter parts. Additionally, Jo Grubman, a talented wood burning artist, captivated audiences with their intricately detailed creations, which sparked a ton of conversation. We were also joined by BIPOC artist, Reina Denisse. Reina creates captivating painting and illustrations influenced by pop culture and Basquiat. 

Throughout the weekend, Queerlective had the privilege of selling over $4000 worth of art, with the majority of the proceeds going directly back to the artists. This opportunity was crucial in amplifying the exposure of queer and BIPOC artists in the area, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and gain recognition. Participating in an event of this magnitude can often be financially challenging, and our ability to provide access to the market for other artists was a significant step in increasing the visibility and representation of queer and BIPOC artists within the local art scene.

We are immensely grateful for the support from Shaheen and Gordon, whose generous donation of our space made this event possible. Together, we continue to create inclusive spaces that uplift and celebrate the diverse creative voices within our community. Concord Market Days was a resounding success, not only in terms of sales but also in fostering connections, building bridges, and expanding the reach of queer and BIPOC artists. We look forward to future opportunities to empower and elevate the artistic talents that make our community shine.

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