Queerlective announces grant funding from New Hampshire Charitable Fund

Queerlective announces grant funding from New Hampshire Charitable Fund


Ashley Johnson

Director of Marketing



Queerlective receives grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Community Fund to kickstart community events and programming for New Hampshire’s queer and BIPOC populations. 

Queerlective recently received a $1,620.00 grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. This grant will help further Queerlective’s mission to create and promote inclusive environments for the queer, BIPOC and underserved communities with a focus on utilizing art for personal and community growth. 

Queerlective would like to express sincere gratitude to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for this generous grant. With support like this, Queerlective can continue to support the community in bigger and better ways than before. By closely working with the community and partner organizations, Queerlective is able to respond to community needs and provide opportunities for more impactful gatherings. 

About Queerlective

Queerlective was founded by 3 queer creatives in the summer of 2022 to fill a need for consistent and engaging gatherings throughout the year for the diverse community in New Hampshire. Queerlective aims to be an organization by the community for the community. We ensure that the work we do uplifts the diverse creative economy of Manchester. Through using art to bring together and celebrate the community, we feel we can build stronger connections throughout New Hampshire. For more information, visit www.queerlective.com

About the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation is New Hampshire’s statewide community foundation, founded in 1962 by and for the people of New Hampshire. We are the place where generosity meets the dedication and ingenuity of nonprofits and the potential of New Hampshire students. For six decades, thousands of people have entrusted their charitable resources to the Foundation, creating a perpetual source of philanthropic capital and making it possible for the Foundation to award more than $60 million in grants and scholarships every year. For more information, please visit www.nhcf.org or call 603-225-6641.

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