Celebrating Unity and Cultivating Community at the Cultural Festival and Farmers Market

Celebrating Unity and Cultivating Community at the Cultural Festival and Farmers Market
In a remarkable display of unity and community spirit, the Cultural Festival and Farmers Market, organized in collaboration between Queerlective, Kimball Jenkins, and Manchester Grows, was a success! We even got a write up of the event in Manchester Ink Link! Read about it below!

Manchester Ink Link Article

A vibrant and inclusive gathering for the residents of Manchester, this event served as a spirited kickoff for Manchester Grows' Farmers Market series. Let's delve into the highlights of this event and explore how it brought people together while breaking cultural boundaries.

On Saturday May 20th from 11 am to 4 pm, the event welcomed a diverse range of participants, including approximately 30 students from Project S.T.O.R.Y. This organization of remarkable young individuals, dedicated to transforming New American youth into agents of change, brought their energy and passion to the festival, embracing the opportunity to connect and engage with the wider community.

The Cultural Festival and Farmers Market showcased a plethora of organizations and vendors, each bringing their unique contributions to the event. Notable attendees included the Youth Success Project, Health Market Connect NH, NH Mutual Aid Relief Fund, Unchartered Tutoring, Hoffman Haus Creations, HOLY MOLLY Snacks, Batulo's Kitchen, Don Quixote, Fresh Start Farms, artist Jozimar Matimano and many more.

Highlighting the vibrant diversity within the performing arts, the event featured captivating performances by drag queens Obscura Freakshow, Lavender, and Onyx Reigns, whose magnetic presence enthralled the audience. The Awkwaaba Ensemble treated attendees to an exhilarating African drum performance, while Cozy Throne concluded the event with a mesmerizing musical performance, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. Comedian Sleepy Head provided a deeply memorable performance as their character comically attempting simple activities while just wanting to nap. 

The students from Project S.T.O.R.Y. were particularly captivated by the drag performances, which resonated with their desire for self-expression and acceptance. Additionally, Kimball Jenkins organized engaging sports activities that not only entertained but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the young participants, reinforcing the importance of physical activity and teamwork.

The Cultural Festival and Farmers Market also saw the presence of distinguished guests, including Manchester City Alderman June Trisciani and Will Stewart, as well as Mayor Joyce Craig. Their support and involvement further underscored the significance of the event and its impact on the community.

Throughout the festival, attendees had the opportunity to savor fresh and locally sourced food through the Fresh Start Farms mobile market. Additionally, Batulo's Kitchen from Concord, NH, and Don Quixote in Manchester generously provided free food to nourish and delight visitors. Manchester Grows offered an assortment of plants, enriching the atmosphere with their green presence.

The event facilitated meaningful connections and engagement through various activities. West High School's Black Student Union seized the opportunity to drum up interest in their group, seeking collaboration and assistance in creating a new logo. Unchartered Tutoring provided a unique experience with a live cyanotype printing station, where both children and adults alike reveled in the joy of creating their own distinctive prints.

The Cultural Festival and Farmers Market successfully achieved its goal of bringing together disparate groups and cultures under one inclusive umbrella. The event created an atmosphere of unity and understanding, encouraging attendees to explore new resources and forge lasting connections within the vibrant community of Manchester. By celebrating diversity and cultivating community, this festival laid the foundation for an inclusive and thriving future in Manchester.
Check out more photos from the event below! 
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