Wall Art Hanging Party with To Share Brewery, March 16 '23

Wall Art Hanging Party with To Share Brewery, March 16 '23
I think everyone on the Queerlective team would say this event was a resounding success! We had about 18 artists join us in adding their art to the walls of To Share as part of our group show for the month of April! Overall, about 40 people attended. This event turned out to be the perfect low key night to gather and celebrate community, art and beer! 
Thank you to To Share for always being such a great collaborator on these events! The team over there has always been so supportive of the work Queerlective is doing, so make sure to stop by and buy a pint to tell them thanks! 
We were so excited to have musician ADAYWITHOUTLOVE who provided to perfect soundtrack to the evening.
Makesure to check out his music! 
This event was also covered by NHPR! Which is kind of crazy for us! You can read the article HERE or listen to a recording of the broadcast HERE.
Here are a couple highlights from the event! 

Here's the wrap up on feedback we received for the event. 
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