• Rug Tufting

    Join us for a hands-on experience where you'll learn the techniques and skills needed to create your very own unique and beautiful tufted rug.

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  • Screen Printing

    Learn how to create eye-catching designs, mix colors, prepare screens, and print your artwork onto various materials.

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  • Raised Planter Bed

    Join us as we delve into the art of building and designing raised garden beds, providing you with the knowledge and skills to create a thriving and sustainable garden space.

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  • Forged Earrings

    Get ready to wield hammers, heat, and creativity as you fashion your own unique pair of statement earrings.

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  • Queer Welding Night

    This inclusive workshop is all about breaking down barriers and celebrating the art of welding in an inclusive environment. Whether you're a seasoned welder or have never picked up a torch before, our skilled instructors will guide you through the basics and help you bring your metal masterpieces to life.

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  • Intro to Jewelry Making

    This hands-on experience is perfect for beginners who want to dive into the captivating world of jewelry creation. Our talented instructors will guide you through the fundamental techniques, from wire wrapping and bead stringing to basic metalworking.

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  • Expressionism in Painting

    Dive into the world of vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and raw emotion as you explore the expressive style of painting.

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  • Unconventional Art with Resin

    In this workshop, you'll learn how to create stunning, unconventional artworks using epoxy resin and unconventional materials. Our expert instructors will guide you through the process of mixing, pouring, and manipulating resin to achieve fascinating effects and textures.

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  • Enamel Pin Workshop

    From concept to completion, you'll learn the basics of pin design, color selection, and creating eye-catching illustrations.

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