Studio Rentals and Lockers

Rent our well-equipped studios and unleash your artistic vision in a dynamic and inspiring environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including woodworking, metal fabrication, prototyping, and more, are at your disposal, providing you with the tools and resources to bring your artistic endeavors to life.


  • $TBD/month in addition to membership ($TBD/month)
  • $TBD Security Deposit plus first month’s rent is due prior to moving in.

A six-month rental period is required. After six months, studios are rented month-to-month. Members sign both CoLab’s Membership Agreement and Studio Addendum when they sign up.



  • Studios measure 8ft by 8ft with 4ft dividing walls
  • Access common spaces for working on larger projects
  • Access to all amenities that come with a CoLab membership.
  • Security Deposit and first month’s rent due before moving in
  • Studio rent is automatically deducted via debit or credit card each month
  • Questions? Email us and we’ll answer them.
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Locker Rentals

Lockers allow members to safely and conveniently store their personal tools, materials, and projects on site.

Large lockers are 18” X 6’ X 2’ and are available for $TBD/month.

Small lockers are 18” X 3’ X 2’ and are available for $TBD/month.

For unique storage needs, let us know!

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