Color Me Queer(lective)!: Queerlective's Coloring Book is Here!

Color Me Queer(lective)!: Queerlective's Coloring Book is Here!

The time has finally come to unveil Queerlective's first big community art project! After months of collaboration with local artists Queerlective is thrilled to announce the release of our highly anticipated coloring book! Featuring artwork from over 30 talented local queer artists in and around New Hampshire, this captivating coloring book is a vibrant testament to the power of art and community. 

We have always been dedicated to providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and finding ways to connect artists with the greater New Hampshire community. The Queerlective Coloring Book is a culmination of this mission, presenting a stunning collection of artwork from a diverse group of queer artists. Each page offers a unique visual experience, capturing the individuality and vibrant expression of the artists involved. From mesmerizing patterns to thought-provoking illustrations, this coloring book is a celebration of the rich tapestry of the queer artistic community.

Behind every successful endeavor lies a community of individuals who champion the cause. Queerlective extends its deepest gratitude to Pam King, an extraordinary community member whose generous support made this coloring book possible. Pam's dedication to the community and art and their unwavering belief in the power of collaboration has been invaluable in bringing this project to fruition. Their contribution serves as a reminder of the profound impact individuals can have when they rally behind a shared vision.

Queerlective's collaboration with Kimball Jenkins, a respected organization known for its commitment to arts education and community engagement, has been instrumental in creating this experience. The partnership has amplified the reach of this project, bringing it to a broader audience and solidifying the collective effort to foster a thriving artistic community. Thank you to TD Bank, Bangor Savings Bank and 603 Forward for also making contributions that helped bring this project to life. 


Get your hands on this community art piece and let your creativity run wild. Share your colored pages and make sure to tag us on instagram, @Queerlective




Atlas Wooster

Andrew Freshour

April Landry

Arielle Peterson


Christine Hoffman

Dani Schmidt

Elizabeth Robertson

Emily Deechaleune

Emily Merrill

Fallon Rae

Haley Searcy

Hannah Rowell-Jore

Haydyn Atwood

Jason Deyoung


Lindsay Middleton


Marg Pangburn

Michelle Mullet

Mina Santiago

Mitty Magoo (aka: Natalie Lessard)

Monty Zwickerhill

Nate Puppets

Nick Alexander

Nico Figueroa


Randall Nielsen

Sam Paolini

Tamara Morris

tiara reverdes

Ashley Johnson

Creative placemaking interns at kimball jenkins

Pam King Via Queerlective





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