Unveiling the Power of Art in Board Games: A Journey through Manchester's Stories

Unveiling the Power of Art in Board Games: A Journey through Manchester's Stories

We recently had the incredible opportunity to attend a playtest for a board game developed by Saint Anselm College's Community Resilience and Social Equity Lab.

For additional information on this project you can read the Manchester Ink link article below: 


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This game, inspired by the acclaimed "MicroMacro: Crime City," is a captivating creation that takes players on an immersive journey through the lives of a Latina hospital worker and her patients in the heart of Manchester, NH. Utilizing art to share stories and build community, this board game proved to be a unique and engaging experience that left a lasting impact on all who had the pleasure of playing it. 

The board game is set in the vibrant and diverse city of Manchester, NH, a place brimming with culture, history, and untold stories. The game brilliantly weaves together elements relevant to Manchester, allowing players to connect with the city's essence and its diverse community.

Central to the game's allure are the fun illustrations by Virginia Fulford that bring the storyline to life. The visuals, intricately intertwined with the narrative, evoke empathy, curiosity, and a sense of shared humanity, drawing players into the heart of the story. Accompanying the captivating illustrations is a gripping narrative penned by Julianna Robidoux. 

What truly sets this board game apart is its ability to foster community engagement and dialogue. The game serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about social issues, cultural diversity, and the impact of community engagement.

The collaboration between Saint Anselm College's Community Resilience and Social Equity Lab, Virginia Fulford, and Julianna Robidoux has resulted in an engaging union of art and community. By employing the medium of board games, they have succeeded in creating an innovative platform that bridges the gap between art and community engagement, using storytelling to empower players with knowledge and empathy. Queerlective was so happy to get to experience this game and we are excited to look for more ways of combining art and community in fun ways. 

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